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Bodymind Integration: a deep & powerful approach to Personal Growth, Embodiment & Healing

Therapy that touches the whole person: mind, body, soul & spirit

We enter this world full of vitality and potential. All too often, our vitality and joy evaporate, and our potential fails to bear fruit. I believe life is too short to spend it unhappy and unfulfilled. My passion is to help people discover what is holding them back and to re-discover joy and meaning in being alive.

Bodymind Integration works with you as a whole person. It helps you re-establish your connection with your own body, releasing the embodied patterns carried from the past and the corresponding beliefs that restrict you. Rediscover feelings, sensation, breath and touch. Re-awaken play, joy and pleasure. You can reclaim your right to feel vibrantly alive!

If you're looking for a dynamic and creative route for deep and lasting change, with a humanistic therapist who is genuine, empathetic and non-judgmental, I can help. Read these testimonials to see what people have said about their experience of working with me.


COVID-19: working differently During the coronavirus outbreak I am unable to offer face-to-face sessions. I will continue to help and support people through video calls. Although not ideal, there is much good work to be done in this way. I offer supportive & empathetic listening, counselling & guidance, visualisations and exercises in breathing, body awareness and mindfulness. Many of the exercises I take you through you can use for yourself in between sessions.

In these deeply worrying times, we all more than ever need care, support and love. Feel free to contact me if you feel in need of help. Stay safe and well.

What I offer

My work falls into two main categories: Bodymind Integration and Transformational Bodywork. Which of these you choose depends chiefly on how much of a supportive and guiding framework you want or need.

Empowerment through Embodiment

Bodymind Integration uses a variety of somatic (body-centred) and psychotherapy methods to help you understand how and why you are as you are, and to achieve deep and lasting change. Those in the early stages of their journey of personal development should perhaps start here - although it is also excellent for those much further down the road!

I understand that not everyone wants to engage in the analytical work involved in psychotherapy. Transformational Bodywork is more suited to those who want to place the emphasis firmly on the body; being more self-directed, it is perhaps most effective with those who already have a reasonable degree of self-awareness and an ability to understand and process change.

What approach is best for you is something we would discuss at our initial consultation.

Bodymind Integration

Bodymind integration

“A person becomes split into a disembodied spirit and a disenchanted body.”  Alexander Lowen

Do you need to make sense of yourself? Perhaps you're feeling disenchanted with how things have turned out for you, dissatisfied with relationships or career, struggling to find fulfillment and happiness.

Bodymind Integration is a deep & powerful mind-body approach to personal development, emotional and psychological healing & transformation, and a whole-person alternative to conventional psychotherapy and counselling.

Yes, you can transform your life.

Transformational Bodywork

Transformational bodywork

“To occupy your body is to occupy your life. The body is everything.”  Jacob Needleman

Re-establish your connection with your body. Rediscover feelings, sensation, breath and touch. Enjoy freedom of movement. Re-awaken to play, joy and pleasure…

Release the old embodied patterns written in your body that hold you back. Understand your needs and how to get them met. Befriend your body, learn to love yourself and become comfortable in your skin: you were born that way and can recover what you have lost.

Reclaim your right to feel vibrantly alive.

Pulsing workshops

Transformational bodywork

“Those who dance are thought mad by those who do not hear the music.”  Proverb

Vibrant and energising, relaxing and nurturing, pleasurable and playful, meditative and healing - Pulsing is a delight to give and a joy to receive. This rhythmic transformational bodywork helps you move more freely and feel more alive, and is perhaps the most deeply relaxing and most nurturing form of bodywork.

Open to all, weekend workshops are a wonderful experience, and especially attractive to anyone who enjoys massage, yoga, tai chi and other bodymind practices. They may also be undertaken as an approved professional training in this delightful bodywork method.

Supervision & Mentoring

Transformational bodywork

“To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.”  Henri Bergson

I provide supervision to body-centred therapists, counsellors, life coaches and others who use counselling or relational skills in their practice.

I also offer coaching and mentoring to professionals or trainees in Pulsing Rhythmic Bodywork, Postural Integration and others forms of bodywork, covering technique, somatic psychology, energetic connection, emotional and psychological self-care and boundaries.


I offer various mind-body therapies: body psychotherapy (Bodymind Integration, Reichian therapy, Personal growth work) and transformational bodywork (Postural Integration, Pulsing rhythmic bodywork and Bioenergetics)

My private therapy room near Mitcham Common has good access for those living in Southwest London and North Surrey. It is also within fast and easy reach of central London. View location.

For details of my fees, how to book appointments and other essential information, see here.

I offer a free 1 hour consultation session to help you decide what would be best and if I am the right therapist for you.

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