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Transformative Bodywork

Rediscover the aliveness of your body

Release old and negative beliefs

How transformative bodywork can help you

Re-establish your connection with your body. Rediscover freedom, joy and pleasure.

Many people have a poor relationship with their body: they are not comfortable in their skin and may see their bodies as something to be controlled or fought with. The reasons for this are often rooted in chilhood; watch my video to learn more about how your history affects your body.

Not everyone wants to engage in the analytical work involved in psychotherapy. Transformative bodywork is for those who want to place the emphasis firmly on the body. In these sessions, there is far less focus (or none at all) on dealing explicitly with the psychological roots of behaviour. All my bodywork modalities are working with the bodymind, and if you wish they may incorporate psychotherapeutic interventions. Unlike in psychotherapy, bodymind processing tends to happen at a more unconscious level.

Transformative Bodywork seeks to help you re-establish your connection with your body, to rediscover feelings, sensation, breathing, touch, freedom of movement, play, joy and pleasure. It helps you release the old patterns written in your body and the beliefs that say “I cannot”. It aims to make you become comfortable in your skin: you were born at home in your body and can recover what you have lost. Transformative bodywork can help you reclaim your right to feel vibrantly alive.

The benefits

Transformative bodywork can provide a wide range of benefits: physical, emotional and psychological.

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These are just some of the transformations one might expect over a regular sequence of sessions. Some will happen spontaneously. Others will very much depend on the intent you bring and the degree to which you engage with what occurs in the course of the session.

  • A greater sense of well-being
  • Helping you rediscover your natural body rhythms
  • Developing your inner sense of aliveness
  • Improving emotional & psychological self-awareness
  • Deep relaxation
  • Boosting energy levels
  • Releasing emotional stress and decreasing anxiety
  • Encouraging deeper, more relaxed breathing
  • Improving physical flexibility, balance and co-ordination
  • Releasing muscular tension and joint stiffness
  • Increasing your sensitivity to your body
  • Stimulating the release of unconscious material
  • Increasing libido
  • Improving blood & lymph circulation and digestive transit
  • Stimulating the body's natural self-healing capacity
  • Promoting relaxed sleep and easing insomnia
  • Meeting the need for nurturing and support
  • Providing a sensuous experience within safe, respectful boundaries

We can discuss any specific aims you have during our initial free consulation.

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Postural Integration

Postural Integration

Come home to your body and gain the freedom to be your true and authentic self.

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Postural Integration is a deep Reichian bodywork method structured around a series of systematic stages that involve deep tissue manipulation and myofascial release in all areas of the body, beginning at the extremities and working towards the core. It is a form of body psychotherapy - but with emphasis strongly on body.

It is not a passive treatment like massage: as I work the muscles, searching for areas of deep tension, I will be encouraging you to breathe, move, feel, make connections, express. Postural Integration is a creative shared dialogue between client and therapist, a human experience aiming to bring mind, body and soul into harmony. Sessions will involve a holistic blend of breathwork, movement and reflective body focusing to increase your bodily self-awareness and felt sense of patterns of holding, together with deep bodywork to soften body armour and enable you to let go of old blocks. The steps are cumulative and progressive, each step building on the last, so certain stages may need to be worked through more than once before you feel ready for the next step.

The effect is a controlled softening of chronic tension and embodied emotions (body armour) that allows mind and body to change and adjust together in an organic process. Postural Integration allows fresh energies to emerge, improving your sense of well-being and your capacity to feel and express. It brings your mind and body increasingly into harmony and helps you discover a new way of being at one with yourself.

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Pulsing rhythmic bodywork

Pulsing Rhythmic Bodywork

Move more freely and feel more alive. Possibly the best way to feel both energised and relaxed.

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Pulsing is a wonderful treatment to help you move more freely and feel more alive. It is a rhythmic, rocking, movement-based approach and is perhaps the most deeply relaxing and most nurturing form of bodywork. With its wave-like movements, Pulsing works with the body's natural rhythms and has a profoundly relaxing yet energising effect, helping to release physical tension, emotional stress and body armour.

It has many benefits on both physical and psychological levels. Pulsing boosts energy levels and your sense of fun and aliveness; at the same time it is profoundly relaxing, deeply nurturing and supportive. Psychologically it can help change old patterns, as the softening of body armour and the release of energy allows transformation to occur gently, naturally and pleasurably. For this reason people are often drawn to Pulsing at times of transition in their lives.

Pulsing also improves movement repertoire, making it highly beneficial to athletes, dancers, practitioners of yoga and other physical disciplines, or anyone who wishes to improve their flexibility, balance and co-ordination. It is a great way to establish or maintain connection with your body.

Professionals who are training in Pulsing Rhythmic Bodywork are welcome to come to me for extra-curricular sessions. These are particularly useful in helping you establish a deep felt sense of the different flows, rhythms and styles of Pulsing. I can also provide refreshers on the core movements and training in advanced strokes. Whatever support you need in your current training, or if you have previously trained in Pulsing but feel rusty and in need of some refresher tuition, I am happy to help. Check out my services for practitioners

I also run workshops in Pulsing Rhythmic Bodywork. These weekend events are a delightful way to dive into Pulsing. They are suitable for anyone interested in personal development and especially in exploring what it means to be embodied. These workshops also form the basis of a professional training in Pulsing, so are suitable for practitioners of massage, bodywork or exercise modalities who wish to add a new skill. Fiind out more about training in Pulsing

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There are other possibilities

I am actually qualified in many other bodywork and subtle energy modalities, all of which inform my practice. So if you're looking for something I haven't mentioned, please do enquire. Whatever requirements you may have in terms of therapy, bodywork, counselling and support, whatever you need, I am very happy to tailor sessions to suit you. If you're not sure what would be best, feel free to call or email me.

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