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Body-centred Therapy

When Life is not delivering what you want…

Heal the past, transform the present

How therapy can help you

Healing and transformation for all kinds of emotional, psychological and psychosomatic issues.

I have a passion for helping people discover their potential and become all that they can be; to be fully alive; to be in charge of their lives, free to make the most of today and to direct their path into the future. I also know how difficult that can be.

The struggles and problems of today are often the result of how we were taught to think, feel and behave during childhood. Toxic parenting can cause massive damage to this process. Even relatively good parenting can leave us interacting with others and with the world in ways that are unhelpful, damaging or self-limiting. Psychotherapy (from the Greek for "soul healing") is a process of undoing any distorted learning so that you can be in charge of your life. When current issues are not rooted in the past, therapy can also help to fully resolve problems so that you do not get stuck and are able to move forward.

Body psychotherapy is deep transformative therapy. It does not simply address what is going on right now, but also why - the past as it manifests in the present. Working with both mind and body, it challenges you to look at the roots of who you are and supports you in a process of change. If you wish to focus more on the body and less on the psychological roots, you might also consider transformative bodywork

Watch my video to learn more about somatic therapy and how your history affects your mind and body.

Learn more about the issues that I frequently deal with.

Below are some possible way of working; they are not different methods, but simply a different focus that reflects particular needs you might have. What is best for you is something we would discuss during our initial consultation (which is free of charge).

Bodymind Integration body psychotherapy

Bodymind Integration

Deep transformative therapy for all kinds of emotional, psychological and psychosomatic issues.

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Bodymind Integration is a deep & powerful mind-body approach to personal development, healing & transformation, and a whole-person alternative to conventional psychotherapy and counselling. It is a genuinely holistic way of helping you heal the past and make sense of the present in order to to make more of your future.

It is a modern Reichian therapy. Reichian therapy is one that works with the relationship between mind and body and believes that in a healthy person there is a free flow of energy (life-force) within the system. It is truly holistic in that it works with mind, body and spirit to increase your sense of well-being, your capacity to feel, your ability to express, your self-awareness and consciousness. I use hands-on Reichian bodywork (Postural Integration) to release embodied psychological and emotional blocks (body armour), integrated with a variety of supportive methods to increase the range and depth of the work. This will normally include:

  • reflective body focusing to increase your bodily self-awareness and felt sense of issues
  • development of mindfulness
  • Reichian breathwork to energise the body
  • Bioenergetics exercises to integrate body, breath and awareness

and depending on your preferences and needs, may also incorporate:

  • counselling to help you through immediate problems
  • psychotherapy, Gestalt methods, Shadow work, dreamwork and psychodrama to address deep patterns
  • art therapy, play therapy and creative writing to help you express yourself
  • exploring family & social context and questioning 'received wisdom' (social and religious norms)
  • transpersonal (spiritual, esoteric, shamanic) explorations

The inclusion of these elements and how they are woven into a session will be determined by you. We are all unique individuals, with differing wants, needs, likes and dislikes, so I do not have a 'one size fits all' attitude. My role is to offer you creative possibilities to explore yourself in whatever way feels most productive or relevant at any given time - and always within safe and appropriate boundaries. The goal is to help you become more aware of what you hold in both your mind and your body and the connections between them, and to bring your whole self into greater harmony.

I work very sensitively and always respect your sense of modesty and personal boundaries. Sessions may sometimes be challenging, but you will never be pressured beyond your comfort zone.

If you wish to experience a body-centred approach without an explicit psychotherapy framework, you might try Postural Integration

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Help with life crisis

Help when you are in crisis and feel overwhelmed, and need to rebalance and regain control of your life.

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Sometimes things can be so overwhelming that it's hard to think about what you need - except that you know need support right now. Lifelines is immediate support for those who are struggling with difficult situations or overwhelming feelings. This might be the result of a life crisis, bereavement or spiritual emergence.

The focus here is on ensuring immediate stability so that you are able to function. One of the first results of a crisis can be clouded judgment, an inability to think straight and feeling lost. For most people life still has to go on: getting out of bed, washing & dressing, cooking & eating, earning a living, paying the bills - these can seem too demanding. But for most people, it is essential to continue doing these thiings, so stability and functioning are vitally important. I can help you find your feet and start regaining control of your life.

Once you have re-balanced, you will then be in a better position to start looking at how to resolve the crisis and move forward with your life.

The approach will vary according to individual needs, but is likely to be more talk-based, and will include practical tools and techniques that you can take away and utilise in between sessions.

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Bodymind Integration for self-actualisation

Personal Growth Work

The path of self-actualisation: deepen self-awareness, fulfill your potential, become all that you can be.

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"The soul unfolds itself, like a lotus of countless petals." Kahlil Gibran

Many people enter the therapy room to resolve problems in their lives, and once finished they leave the room and close the door. Others come to see the door as a gateway to infinite possibilities, explorations and transformations of self: the path of self-actualisation.

The aim of personal growth is self awareness and actualisation. This means in part:

  1. to bring oneself to a state of wholeness and completion in whatever way one experiences this;
  2. to gain sovereignty over one's life, to be authentic;
  3. to be emotionally competent and to further one's creativity and one's search for truth, meaning, love and relationship with oneself and with others;
  4. to relate to others in ways that demonstrate awareness of and respect for difference;
  5. to heal past and current wounds and traumas;
  6. to achieve integrity and autonomy while acknowledging mutual interdependence with others and with the environment.

As with Bodymind Integration, sessions will combine Reichian therapy blended with other psychotherapy and bodywork methods in an eclectic mix designed to give you creative possibilites for deep exploration and greater personal development.

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Somatic Trauma Therapy

Somatic Trauma Therapy

Recovering from the nightmare of recent or past trauma.

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The aim of somatic trauma therapy is to help you reduce levels of post-traumatic stress and improve the quality of your day-to-day life. Experiencing immense stress and anxiety (and other symptoms) after a traumatic event is completely normal. Often this will naturally heal - but sometimes the trauma gets 'locked in'. Such locked-in trauma is known as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Many existing approaches to trauma focus on the painful details of the incident, which may actually cause PTSD symptoms to get worse rather than better. My aim is to help you re-establish your sense of control, reduce levels of anxiety & stress and rebalance the body's systems.

I use a gentle and respectful approach combining talk, breathwork and body awareness. Depending on the nature of the trauma there may be little or no touch involved in these sessions. I will also help you learn simple techniques for self-help that are especially useful in the event of being overwhelmed or for dealing with flashbacks and nightmares. I trained in somatic trauma therapy with Babette Rothschild (author of The Body Remembers), whose approach is informed by the work of the Bodynamik Institute and Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing).

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Not sure what you need?

Whatever requirements you may have in terms of therapy, bodywork, counselling and support, whatever you need, I am very happy to tailor sessions to suit you. If you're not sure what would be best, feel free to call or email me.

I offer a free 1 hour consultation session to help you decide what would be best and if I am the right therapist for you.

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