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Advanced Trainings for qualified practitioners

These trainings are open only to those who are already qualified in Pulsing, and aim to help you extend and deepen your practice. As usual, the teaching will be predominantly experiential. The groups are small, with no more than 10 participants. Jenny Firkins of ZenBodywork is assistant facilitator. These workshops will run when a sufficient number of people have expressed an interest, so please email me to let me know if you are.

Each workshop is a single day only. Satisfactory completion will entitle you to a certificate issued by the Pulsing Association. Completion of all 4 enables you to register as an advanced practitioner on the Pulsing Association register.

Advanced Moves

This one-day workshop will teach additional moves to the ones on the basic training to extend your repertoire. Bring your curiosity, creativity and a willingness to experiment in a spirit of fun.
Dates: TBA


Pulsing can be given with the client lying on their side. This is beneficial for working with anyone who is large in bulk or pregnant or who has back issues that prevent them being flat for extended periods. It can also feel very safe and nurturing for someone who is in a state of shock or bewilderment.
Dates: TBA


The Certificate training provides a comprehensive sequence for the whole body for Pulsing in the functional mode. In professional practice, however, you will often want to place additional focus on certain areas, and will need to be comfortable working in the other modes: pleasurable, meditative and psychotherapeutic. This calls for additional moves beyond the standard sequence, and for freestyle - the use of improvised movement. Moving away from a rigid sequence of moves is essential, both to engage the client appropriately and to maintain a vitality and creativity in your own relationship with Pulsing as a practice.
Dates: TBA

Emotions & Awareness

Pulsing is a transformational Reichian bodywork, a method of dissolving body armour and character armour in a gentle way and within a strongly relational framework. It is powerful on a somatic level whichever of the four modes is being used, but the psychotherapeutic mode brings conscious awareness into the mix, maximising the potential for deep transformation.

This one-day workshop will explore working with emotions and awareness: how and when to use verbal interventions and other psychotherapeutic techniques; how to mesh these with the bodywork; when to engage and when to back off; and the importance of self-care when working psychotherapeutically.

Even if you are not qualified to use Pulsing as an explicit body psychotherapy, this workshop will be useful, as clients will often go into emotional expression regardless of your working contract. Attendance requires you to be willing to be emotionally present and engaged. The day will include teaching of theory, awareness exercises, a Pulsing demonstration and hands-on practice.
Dates: TBA


If you are interested in attending any of these, please email me at richard@bodymind-integration.co.uk.

These workshops will only run when a sufficient number of practitioners have expressed an interest. I will let you know costs and practicalities when this happens.