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Psychology Tests

Understand yourself better

Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Discover your Myers-Briggs personality type, which assesses how you perceive the world and make decisions. This is one of the best and most-used psychometric tests available. This version should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. Your type is shown as one of 16 possible indicators, each with a percentage rating to show where you fall in the range for that particular type.
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Gardner Multiple Intelligence Test

The Multiple Intelligence Theory was developed by Howard Gardner, an American developmental psychologist strongly influenced by psychologist Erik Erikson. It was first published in his 1983 book Frames Of Mind. It has become a well-used model to understand human intelligence, learning style, personality and behaviour. It is useful to help you gain a clearer picture of how you tend to see and respond to the world. At the end of the test your profile is given over 7 different intelligence types.
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The Robin Hood Morality Test

This is a simple psychology test that was apparently devised as a social ice-breaker by an Australian psychologist and marriage expert. In the test, a scenario is presented that involves the characters of Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Little John and the Sheriff of Nottingham, and you are asked to rank them in terms of the morality of their actions. The way you judge each character reveals something about your values and beliefs. A brief psychological summary is given for your particular choice.
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