The Holistic Alternative to Psychotherapy & Counselling

The Holistic Alternative to Psychotherapy & Counselling

Bodymind Integration: a deep & powerful approach to Personal Growth, Healing & Transformation

Yes, you can create a happy and fulfilled life for yourself. Bodymind Integration is a deep & powerful mind-body approach to personal development, healing & transformation, and a whole-person alternative to conventional psychotherapy and counselling. If you're looking for dynamic, creative and powerful routes for deep and lasting change, I can help.

Bodymind Integration can help with:

Relationship difficulties, family issues & sexual problems
Stress, anxiety and anger
Negative beliefs & patterns of behaviour that are unhelpful, damaging or self-limiting
Fatigue and sleep problems, persistent illness or poor health
Recent or past trauma, PTSD & Panic attacks.
Low self-esteem or lack of confidence
Life transitions, such as mid-life crisis, menopause and spiritual emergence
Work-life balance & existential issues or lack of direction in life
Depression & bereavement
Poor body image and diet issues
Exploring your creativity and personal power, making more of life
Improving movement repertoire, acting & public speaking
Natural therapies to de-stress, rebalance and heal

Mind-body therapy

I am a humanistic somatic psychology practitioner offering a range of mind-body therapies: bodymind integration, Reichian bodywork, Postural integration, body psychotherapy, trauma healing, transformational bodywork, bioenergetic bodywork and Pulsing rhythmic bodywork.

In addition to therapy and personal growth work, I offer a range of pure bodywork approaches to help you unwind, rebalance and heal from the everyday stresses of life.

My private therapy room near Mitcham Common has good access for areas in Southwest London and North Surrey such as Wimbledon, Croydon, Norbury, Morden, Colliers Wood, Tooting, Balham, Clapham and Streatham. It is also within fast and easy reach of central London. View location